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Using The Multi-Channel Composer

Learn how to use the Multi-Channel Composer in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Log on to https://app.socialagency360.com/ and fill in your correct details to sign in to your account.

Step 2: Select Compose.

Step 3: Select a post type from the down drop menu.

Step 4: Start writing contents. Use the icons on the left hand side of your screen to discover images, upload images and videos, discover quotes, gifs, memes, articles and videos.

Step 5: Use keywords to start finding the best contents for your business type.

Step 6: Simply drag and drop desired result to the editor for unprecedented composing power.

Step 7: To add hashtags, simply click on the hashtag icon.

Step 8: Proceed to fill in the appropriate information and click Save&Apply.

Step 9: To add UTM link, click on the icon.

Step 10: Fill in the appropriate information and click save and apply.

Step 11: After creating your post, click Next to select account(s) you wish to post on.

Step 12: Select your desired account(s) and click Next.

Socialagency360 allows you to further customize for each account. You can further customers your post i.e. to your Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn account if selected.

Step 13: After customizing, click Next.

Step 14: You can choose to Publish Now, Schedule Post or Save post as Draft by selecting the appropriate option.

You can also use the menu bar on the right hand side of your composer to add tasks or comments for your team members, preview your post and view your post activity.

Updated on August 11, 2021

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