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Plan Video To Social Media Automation recipe

Here’s how to make use of our Video to social media automation recipe.

1. Login to your Socialagency360 account

2. Click on the Automaton icon located at the top of your dashboard.

3. Under videos to social media click on the view Automation icon.

4. Name and Account :

Fill in the name of your campaign in the space provided In this step, you have to choose a name for your campaign and select all the social accounts i.e. your Facebook pages & groups, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles etc.

5. Content Matching Rules and Filters :

In this step, you can set the rules and filters to specify the type of content you wish to fetch.

A) Channel Type : SocialAgency360 supports videos from two channels i.e. YouTube and Dailymotion. 

B) Sorting result : You can sort the videos on the basis of date, their rating, relevance, title, video count, view count, trending, and most commented on.

C) Add Keyword : You can enter Keywords to search for the relevant video content.

6. Add Hashtags to your posts :

a.) Fill in the name of the hashtag in the blank space provided.
b.) Fill in the Hashtag in the blank space provided eg. #morelife
C.)Randomly choose __no.__ of Hashtag(s) for each post
D.)Select append or replace hint: choose replace if the keyword matches
F.)Click on the Save Hashtag button.

7. Schedule and Finalize :

This is the final step where you can finalize the time and date of your post for your selected social media accounts. 

A) Schedule Time : You can schedule your posts for following time options.
i) Recurring scheduler (Post Every): You can automate your posts in a recurring manner at your selected time intervals (e.g. after several hours, days, or weeks)
ii) Schedule Options :

  • You can start a campaign instantly with the option Run this campaign continuously starting today.
  • You could Set the start and end date and time manually.
Updated on August 20, 2022

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