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How To Discover Article Content

Discover trendy articles easy with this few steps.

Step 1: Log on to the your Socialagency360 account and select your preferred brand.
Step 2: Click on Discover.

Step 3: Select the content type from the down drop menu, which in this case is Articles.

Step 4: Use a keyword to start finding the best content.

Step 5: Content can be searched with deep advance filter to allow you to use multiple keywords and the ability to exclude or limit your search to certain domains. Simply click on the down icon to explore.

Step 6: After filling the necessary information, click on Apply.

You can be sure to find contents that are top performing and relevant for your business. You can also see the stats on the content that appear like the number of likes, shares and performance of the articles.

Step 7: To share results to your blog or social media accounts, select the desired article and use the icons underneath to share on either your social media or blog accounts Or use the sound icon to convert your article to audio.

Updated on August 12, 2021

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