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How to Create a Brand

A Brand is a place where you keep all the campaigns, content and scheduled posts related to a sort in one single place.

Here are some guidelines to help you better understand how to create workspace for your different brands, clients, and projects and effectively lead your team members.

1. Log in to your Social Agency account.

2. You will be prompted to create a Brand. To do this, Simply click on + Create a Brand.

3. You will be prompted to fill in the details of your new Brand i.e. Brand Logo, Tagline and a short description of your Brand.

4. Click Apply.


If you want to delete a workspace it’s quite simple.

  1. Hover on the workspace you want to delete and click on the 3 dots at the top-right part of the Brand workspace you wish to delete as shown below

2. Select Bin icon from the options.

3. You will be prompted to confirm your wish to delete the Brand workspace. To Confirm delete option, click Delete.

  • Kindly note that you can not delete your default workspace.
Updated on August 26, 2021

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