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How To Create A Campaign From A Template

  1. Login to your Clientforce account.
  2. Select “Campaigns”

3. Click on the + button on the top right side of your screen.

4. Select “From Template”

5. Select your preferred template & click “Create”

6. Proceed to customize your template & click “Next”

7. Proceed to schedule your campaign. You can pick an existing schedule or create a new one.

8. Add your contact to the campaign. To do this, click on “Add People”

9. You can choose to add contacts to your campaign by importing a CSV file, or an already existing contact, or you can manually add contacts.

10. To add from already existing contacts, select your desired contact by checking the box next to the contact name.

11. After selecting your contacts, click “Add people”

12. Click “Next”

13. Review your work and make any changes you want. When you are satisfied, you can choose to save by clicking “Save” or launch campaign immediately by clicking “Save and Launch”

And that’s it.

Updated on September 9, 2020

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