How To Compose Post

Get creative and compose amazing posts using SocialAgency. Here’s how you can archive this in a few steps.

1. Login to SocialAgency

2. Click on the Social Post icon Located on the right side-bar menu on the dashboard

3. Create a post :

SocialAgency gives you the ability to fully create and edit your post.

Add Hashtags

In the editor, you can also create new hashtags for your posts to help your viewers find you quickly by searching for those keywords. You can also select from your already saved hashtags and append them to your posts.


You can create a UTM on the run-time by selecting the URL, Campaign Name, and the Campaign Medium that you want to track; or add an existing tracker to your post.

Also Emoji


6. Select Accounts

Click on the account(s) you want to share to

7.Customize your Posts

Customize your Post to suit each account and social channel accordingly. you can make specific changes to each post to suit the format or perfectibility of the account or social channel the post is to be shared.

8. Publish Your Posts

A] Publish Now: Select this option to schedule post immediately

B] Schedule Post : Select this post to set a date/time that the Post will publish autommatically

C] Save As Draft : Select thiss option to save post as a draft that can be published later or just saved

Click on Save

Updated on August 13, 2021

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